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Favre to Vikings Possible Move

Posted on: May 7, 2009 4:07 pm
I am a Green Bay Packer Fan who has been a Brett Favre fan the past few years. To be honest, I am very surprised that Favre would do something to this extreme. While he was with the Packers, he had outstanding numbers and he made himself to be a lengend of the NFL. However, Favre has to consider both the Pros and Cons of doing this possible move. Some of the Pros are: playing time with a team, chances of bring up the Vikings to a greater potential. In theory, these sound good, however in the long run of events (history) the Vikings should reconsider this move. Here are some of the Cons: Favre has a broken ligament that he opted not to sugery on, being booed by Green bay fans (I Don't endorse this method, I dissent the idea), and a possibility of losing his Hall of Fame status. Also, the Minnesota Vikings have decent players (Adrian Peterson and Bernard Berrian) however they have an unproven head coach, Brad Childress (without a good head coach, the odds of going to the SuperBowl decrease significantly). Brad Childress thinks that Tavaris Jackson has what it takes to do amazing things, but so far Childress has been wrong although there have been times where Tavaris has done something. Anyhow, I would say to Brad Childress and Brett favre to Not go on with the deal. If this does occur, Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings will have an extremely difficult time with this upcoming season. Also I believe that the Vikings will not make it to the SuperBowl (if ever) with Brad Childress as the head coach. 
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Posted on: July 6, 2009 3:37 pm

Favre to Vikings Possible Move

I strongly dissagree because all the vikings need is a good QB which is Brett Farve he will make everyone beter like Bernard Berrian he can catch the deep ball expesialy with his speed Farve showed last year he can still throw the deep one to the end zone, and he will help Adrian Peterson by not letting the defence only protect the run so more room for Peterson to run because Farve can throw so yeah. The Vikings should do the deal asap!!!

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